September 14, 2016

Up Lighting


Up Lighting

Up Lighting And How It Works

Up lighting is the art of painting light to create a truly magical background for the most beautiful & well planned event. Up lighting brings your wedding or special event to life by capturing key focal points on architecture, corners, walls, and creates an inviting entertaining space. The secret lies in the style of lighting, where to place it, and color to enhance your event.

Up Lights are placed at floor level facing walls or any element of the room you would like to illuminate. We help you decide on whether you want a focused beam of light, a diffused spread of color, or lighting entire walls,

Most party planners and brides want to add color to the room, or recreate an effect they’ve seen in pictures, magazine or TV. We’ll help you design lighting packages to meet your needs & brainstorm possibilities that fit within your vision & budget.

If you would like further information on Up Lighting Colors, please refer to our page, “Choosing An Up-Lighting Color Scheme for Your Event.”

Types Of Up Lighting Fixtures

LED Lighting FixturesLED Lighting Fixtures
LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) are the latest in event lighting. They produce virtually no heat, have very saturated, deep colors & easy to customize a desired look. LED’s are made up of individual red, green and blue (RGB) bulbs, and combined in different intensities blended together to create just about any color imaginable. SHOCK & AWE uses intense LED lighting almost exclusively for events. They are the safest & most economical lighting options with no safety issues & draw minimal energy.

Professional LightingTraditional PAR Cans
Traditionally the industry has used stage lights or PAR’s (Parabolic Aluminized Reflector) as up lighting. These are bright white lights that have a “gel’ or colored plastic film placed over the light. They come in varying sizes and start at 100 watt lamps up to 1,000. These lights are limited to one color at a time, but effective in concentrating specific throws of effect lighting. They do run hotter than LEDs & burn more energy, but can create certain designs not obtained with LED fixtures.

Up Lighting Options

Understanding what is possible with up lighting is helpful. Here are some basic up lighting ideas and effects:

Uplighting Color Wash WallsColor Wash Walls
The most popular effect is to wash walls with color. They can be set to a single color or fade through multiple colors at varying speeds with a DMX lighting console. You may want a static color as guests arrive, & through dinner, but have colors fade during the entertainment portion of the evening. Changing colors go well with a professional DJor live entertainment!



Having beams of light to add more focus on the wedding cake, sponsor merchandise, architectural columns or key aspects of the room add elegance. Up lighting on exits & entrances is a nice detail.



Over Table LightingOver Table Lighting
Maybe you would like to add touches of colored lighting to each of the tables. With LED lighting we project colored light on their tables, to create a high-end atmosphere or elegant feel to the room.



Dance DJ LightingDance / DJ Lighting
LED’s can slowly fade through a number of colors, quickly changing, strobe, or move to the beat of the music. With a special controller we can operate & pre-program effects so the lighting will be exactly what you expect. SHOCK & AWE has a complete selection of dance lighting to accompany our uplighting package.


Architectural LightingArchitectural Up Lighting
Lighting up the entrance/exit of the room or venue can be a nice effect for photos & guests. If you want a really unique look, we can place lighting on the outside of the venue, or LED lighting inside, which will give that “Cinderella” effect for all to enjoy!



UplightingHow Much Should I Pay For Up Lighting

When coming up with a budget for your special day, think about lighting as decor. Expect to pay $750 on up for quality lighting, with full service & delivery, set up including all cables, and the perfect look for your special event!

Put lighting rentals in place of higher priced options. It creates an atmosphere your guests will be talking about for years. and professional photographers absolutely love it!

Just like anything, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. There are quality high-powered LED lighting fixtures and cheap plastic low-lighting fixtures. The cheap ones rent lower, but the output and color mixing is poor. An industry lighting professional will have high-intensity Par 64 LED fixtures which reach full height of drapes or walls, have digital color-mixing capabilities, and create the perfect shade to match decor.

For a fraction the cost of extra decorations, add elegance of lighting to your event. LED Up Lighting done right is breath-taking, and works well for dinner, introductions, first dance, and when the party gets started. It turns it into a “fairy tale” event!

We work with you to come up with one-of-a-kind event rental options which make your event truly personal & unique. We stay within your reasonable budget range to create the biggest impact.